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AgnoShin is a technology agnostic company, focusing on ethical platform, protocol, and device-independent solutions in the customer experience management environment. We follow a professional culture in indulging ourselves with the evolving technology changes in the market; protect customers from redundancy, and enable them to stay in line with the adoption curve.

We are strategically placed with extensive expertise and thought leadership in Customer Relationship Management, with a mission in improving customer satisfaction ratings, productivity and organizational revenues.

About Us

OurVision & Mission

  • Build universally relevant technologies of accommodation.
  • Nurture An unswerving commitment for novel ideas, entrepreneurial experiments, and business models.
  • Facilitate fuller human potential and resourcefulness.

AgnoShin consistently takes a consulting approach to optimize customer interaction for its clients, drawing from a proven combination of deep contact optimization experience, business acumen, and broad Contact Center technology knowledge. AgnoShin offers solutions based on customer analyzing and prioritizing business needs and follows a phased approach to address the quick hits that enhance business needs.