Big Data Analytics

Create a differentiator using Big Data Analytics

AgnoShin helps you make sense of the massive sets of data you collect every day in your contact center. With expertise gained over numerous engagement, AgnoShin helps you to translate the data into actionable insights throughout the journey with your customers. Armed with this information, your contact center would be able to identify bottlenecks, recognize flaws and make the adjustments required to deliver a best in class customer experience.

AgnoShin can help you create an integrated, omnichannel view of your customers by integrating data from different sources like online transactions, social media, call center records and kiosks. Armed with deep insights about a customer journey, you can leverage AgnoShin’s expertise to develop Artificial Intelligence(AI)-based NBA(Next best action) and NBO(Next best offer) prompts.

Tapping the unlimited potential of Big Data analytics using AgnoShin

Opportunity with AgnoShin

With AgnoShin, you have the opportunity to make the most of your Big Data for numerous applications like –

  • Predicting areas of failure and identifying root causes
  • Recognizing what is successful and how to replicate it
  • Detecting and preventing frauds
  • Predicting demand spikes and formulating strategies to remove bottlenecks
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics

Special Expertise

AgnoShin has developed special expertise on a variety of Big Data sources to deliver real-time insights for you. Some of these include-

  • Speech analytics – AgnoShin has expertise in applying AI and ML(Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning) to NLP(Natural Language Processing) technologies.
  • Text and social analytics – AgnoShin goes beyond tracking social media feeds like social media handles and chatbot interactions to help you monitor all text communications including e-mails and OCR feed.