Cloud Services

AgnoShin helps seamless transition to the cloud

Work from home becoming the norm across the globe, cloud contact centers are the key for large organizations. AgnoShin brings expertise to help you meet the challenge of migrating your contact center to the cloud and running it as a service.

Areas AgnoShin Helps

Some of the common areas where AgnoShin helps customers with legacy contact center solutions include –

  • Integrating multiple channels like phone calls, e-mails, instant messaging and social media like twitter handles to maintain a consistent and integrated record of customer communications
  • Process transformation for advanced call routing including auto-attendant and IVR to accelerate client access to a qualified agent
  • Workforce management, metrics dashboards and analytics
  • Managing the cloud hosting service provider
Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Scale and Flex your Contact Center

AgnoShin's helps you scale and flex your contact center on the cloud

With AgnoShin's cloud services, you can accelerate your time to market and without having to deal with the cumbersome systems. Here are some of the major business benefits when you leverage our cloud services –

  • Flexibility:- Set up a scalable platform that can adjust to demand fluctuations and grow with your business.
  • Accelerated change adoption:- Get all the help you need from our experts to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology and feature changes in your cloud-based solution.
  • A secured environment for improved collaboration:- AgnoShin can help you ensure that sensitive data on the cloud is handled safely in your organization.
  • Overall cost savings:- AgnoShin helps you make the most out of subscription-based models to minimize cost and improve your cash flows.