AgnoShin is an expert in addressing critical contact center security needs

As there is an exponential proliferation of BYOD mobile devices and distributed workforce, you need high-performance security systems for your contact center. AgnoShin has a well-defined process-driven approach to enhance the security of your contact center IT infrastructure from internal and external threats.

Security Service Provider

AgnoShin provides services to proactively plan for tracking, managing and eliminating potential risks by –

  • Proactively planning and rolling out a world-class security setup at all stages including identification, authentication, authorization, access control, data integrity and protection.
  • Establishing accountability for processes, implementing them and monitoring the technical efficacy of audits, intrusion detection systems and vulnerability assessments.
  • Process reviews and mock drills to fine-tune triage, recovery and restoration processes.

With wide-ranging technical expertise in firewalls, VPN, MDM, Enterprise anti-virus suites, spam and URL filters and other infrastructure elements, AgnoShin caters to your end-to-end security needs.


Security Lifecycle for contact centers

AgnoShin takes a holistic lifecycle view of contact center security with proactive actions at every stage –

  • Plan – AgnoShin creates a comprehensive plan for your setup involving asset identification and validation, threat and risk assessment, security architecture and design, security policies definition and tools identification.
  • Deploy – Our security experts would perform infrastructure, OS and application hardening while deploying the planned security architecture, policies and tools.
  • Monitor – Our professional security services team would handle proactive monitoring, incident management and rollout of regular updates and patches to address vulnerabilities.
  • Review –Adapt to the evolving security landscape through vulnerability assessments, architecture review, policy review and penetration testing.